Story – forced orgasm machine in action

<…> Edward is sitting at some jerry-rigged engine controls and he is letting up
slowly from the clutch. Immediately the dildos inside Kate begin to move
and she gasps as the invaders pump her. They move pretty smartly and from
Kate’s expression you can tell she can really feel them.
Behind her, McMasters has a tube of KY in his hand, and he dabs some on both
dildos. He then walks around to where he can see her face, nodding to
Kate is gasping now and her fingers and toes curl as she goes through her
first forced orgasm. She wails as she is carried though it; and in response
McMasters waves at Edward.
“Slow it down a bit!” he yells over the engine. “Vary the speeds, that works
Edward does what he is told and a second orgasm is brought forth after an
adjustment in tempo.
Gordon, watching all this from the other side of the engine, grins and
motions for Edward to shut the engine off, “That’s good, that’s good! Do we
have time to do something to her nipples as well?” <…>

Junkheap Wars: Adult Edition
(yes this is a spoof, so keep your knickers on)

by Leviticus

You settle down in your favorite chair and turn on the TV.  It's time for
one of your favorite shows and it turns out that the new cable network,
'Home Showcase', is showing a special episode made just for them.  You smile
as the opening credits start to roll.

"Hey everyone!" says one of the hosts, Tyler Hardcock, who happens to be
standing on a pile of rusted-out cars.  "Welcome to the junkheap!  A place
where many have come to tackle the most vicious problems we could create for
them, by building a device made entirely from the junk you see scattered
around me!  The regular season has just finished and we have our new
Champion.  But in this week's edition we're offering you something special!"

The scene switches to the other host, Cathy Rimjob, standing on a platform,
"This week two specially recruited teams will be rushing to build a machine
that hopefully will have one of their number screaming in passion.  The
winner receives not a trophy, but a cash prize of ten thousand dollars.
Let's meet the teams!"

You see a group dressed in green coveralls, two men and a woman.  "Hi, we're
the Orgasm Masters," says one of the men, "My name is Alex, and with me here
is my wife Rose and my brother Gearhead.  We plan on taking that cash any
way we can!"  He smiles at his teammates who smile back at him, although
Rose's smile looks a little pained.

The scene shifts to another group in red coveralls, again two men and a
woman.  "We're the Crotch Rockets," says one of the men, no smile on his
face.  "I'm Gordon, next to me is Edward, one of my co-workers, and Kate,
our secretary.  We've got this contest covered, WE'RE going to take the

The scene switches to Cathy and Tyler for a moment.  "Each of our two teams
gets an expert to help them design and build their machine," Cathy says,
"for the Orgasm Masters we recruited the help of DP.  DP is a master of the
creative orgasm, a man who on his web site 'InSAX' regularly builds devices
designed to bring women sexual release...eventually!"

Tyler takes over, "The Crotch Rockets have the help of McMasters, the
inventor of the sex chair.  His design, fully tested by willing volunteers,
has been creating a sensation across the county and recently his factory
just sold their one-millionth unit.  He knows the business inside and out."

You see the scene change as the two teams are framed in the same shot before
it is switched to the hosts up on the platform.  Behind the hosts is a
homemade clock made out of junk.  It shows numbers one through ten and the
hand is on the ten.  Tyler grabs a bullhorn and puts it to his face.

"Orgasm Masters!" he yells.  The Masters cheer.

"Crotch Rockets!" he yells.  The Rockets yell back as well.

"Teams!  Today we will test both your ingenuity with engines and your
stamina with stimulation on this special Adult Edition of Junkheap Wars.
What we need you to put together today using only the junk you see around
you, is a sex machine!"

There are yells of appreciation from both teams although neither of the
women are quite as enthusiastic for some reason.

Cathy steps forward, not needing the bullhorn, "You have just TEN hours from
when the junkheap gong sounds to build something that will give the female
member of your team the greatest number of orgasms in a one hour period!"

The men yell louder, big grins on all of them while the women pale a little.
They catch each others eye and Rose mouths "I knew it."

"Are you ready teams?" she yells, "GO!"  And she bangs the gong.

Each team runs into a large workbay of their own and we watch them come
together while Cathy speaks.  "Each team has just ten hours to pull together
from a mountain of junk a machine not only capable of giving orgasms, but
doing so quickly and repeatedly.  But before they can build anything, they
need to plan their moves."

The Orgasm Masters are standing before a large drawing board, their expert
holds a marker in his hand.

"Okay guys," says DP, "what we have here is a machine of basically two
parts.  We need to build a frame that will hold our victim down without
movement.  That's very important because we don't want her wiggling around."
He smiles at Rose who blushes.

"What's the other part?" Gearhead asks him.

"The device itself.  What turns Rose on the most?" DP asks.

Her husband grins. "She has a huge collection of vibrators at home, I'm
forever buying batteries for her."

Rose turns an even deeper shade of red and glances at the camera.  "Alex!"
she says, hitting him on the arm.

He looks at her and says grimly, "She can also cum from a good spanking!"

"Great!" DP replies, smiling at the woman's discomfort. "We can use that.  I
figure we can build us a vibrator pretty easily, one that will stimulate
both her clit and her nipples.  But the icing will be a spanking machine to
get her really going!"

"No!" says Rose, who obviously hadn't banked on that.

"YES!" say all the men, out-voting her.

"So what do we need?" Alex asks.

"Metal tubing for the frame," DP says, "two small, yet powerful electric
motors, some batteries to run them and wire to hook them all up.  That's
your shopping list for right now!"

The scene switches to the other bay where the Crotch Rockets are assembled.
McMasters is addressing them.

"Dildos," he is saying to them, "mounted at the right angles and set to the
right speeds, we can bring as many orgasms out of Kate as we need!"

"I'm not too sure about this," Kate complains, a little horrified by what's

"You want to win the money, don't you?" asks Edward.


"Then you're going to have to work for it.  What do we need McMasters?"

"Well, we'll need to build a frame that will spread her out nicely for
insertion.  Then some sort of cam driven by an engine that will pump the
dildos in and out of her."

"Why do you say dildos?" Gordon asks, puzzled.

"Because we're using two, one for each entrance!"  McMasters replies with a

"Oh no!"  Kate whines.

The men laugh.

"Okay guys," says the expert, "find stuff to make a frame out of, a working
engine for power, and a couple of things we can use to make the dildos!"

The scene switches to Tyler.  "Each team has to scrounge though the junkheap
in search of the parts they need to build their machines.  They can use
anything they can find, as long as it is junk.  Will the teams do it?  Stay
tuned and see!"

A commercial for some hair care product comes on and you sit and watch it
before heading to the kitchen for a drink.  You only watched it because the
model was topless.  You get a beer and settle back in front of the TV.

"Welcome back to Junkheap Wars," says Cathy once the show returns.  "This
week our challengers have to build sex machines capable of giving their
female teammates lots of orgasms.  Let's see how they're doing!"

We see video of both teams running about the junkheap, looking through the
piles of scrap metal, junked cars, old appliances and other mechanical
refuse.  Each team also has a little 4x4 bike with a trailer for hauling
stuff back to their workbays.

Gearhead is working steadily, piling up some thin rebar for use as a
possible frame, while Alex and his wife Rose keep searching for electric

Kate is nearby, looking for something she can use for dildos, while Edward
is in another part of the yard looking under the hood of a car.

Back in the Rocket's workbay, McMasters and Gordon are sketching out the
shape of the sex machine on their markerboard.  It looks daunting.  "You
know, I was thinking," Gordon says to him, "Kate's nipples are really rather
sensitive.  Is there any way we can get them involved with this?"

McMasters looks at him, "I think we could.  I know that nipple stimulation
can be quite effective.  One of my first volunteer test subjects proved that
very well."

"How would we work it?" Gordon asks him.

McMasters looks at the drawing, "What about an air pump, hoses of some kind
attached to her nipples that suck on them?"

Gordon grins, "Sounds good."

The scene switches to a simple animation which shows the naked body of a
woman standing spread eagle, attached to a frame.  A cartoon engine is
running in front of her and a series of pulleys and rods appear to be
driving dildos in and out of both her pussy and ass.  Cathy's voice is
narrating, "What the Rockets are planning to do is very simple, yet hard to
perfect.  An engine will power a complicated set of cams and rods, turning
rotary power into linear.  The continuous thrust of the dildos inside Kate
will certainly bring her to orgasm.  But will they get the proper angles of
entry sorted out?  One mistake, and all Kate will feel is pain rather than

The animation ends and we see Gearhead talking to DP via a two way radio all
the team members carry, "I think I have enough rebar and poles for the
frame, should I come back?"

"Come on back!  Let's get a look at them!" is the answer.

The scene cuts to Gearhead unloading his trailer, while DP grabs poles and
looks at them.  He doesn't look happy.  "We need something bigger," he says,
"wider.  Something at least six inches wide but no wider than a foot!  Some
of this stuff we can use for legs and mounting brackets, but that's it."

"Sure thing," says Gearhead, and he heads back out to the junkheap.

Another animation appears, and this time it is Tyler who is narrating.  The
animation shows a naked woman lying face down along the length of a tube
stuck on some legs.  Her hands and feet are bound to the legs and she can't
move.  An electric motor is attached to one end of the tube, and next to her
ass another motor is mounted.  This second motor has a wide flap attached to

"The Orgasm Masters," says Tyler, "are planning on making Rose cum with
vibrations and spanking!  A motor attached to the pole she is lying on, will
spin rapidly, causing a vibration that should stimulate her wherever she
touches it.  Another motor will be spinning a paddle that will spank her
ass, hopefully spurring her to further orgasms.  But will the spanking be
too hard to give pleasure?  That is something they will have to work on."

A scene switch to Cathy entering the Crotch Rockets' workbay.  She
approaches McMasters and Gordon who are measuring some rebar for their
frame.  "How are things going in here?" Cathy asks.

"Pretty good, pretty good," Gordon says, smiling at her, "things are coming
along pretty smoothly."

"Are you finding all your bits?" she asks.

"They're coming together.  Ed is still trying to find the right engine, but
that shouldn't be a problem."

Cathy nods in mock understanding, "Now I'm told that your machine is going
to rely on old fashioned intercourse to get the job done."

"Well yeah, the general plan is to strap Kate into this frame and let the
machine screw her, front and back.  It should work well!"

Cathy turns to McMasters, "Now you've built this before.  Isn't that the
general shape of your sex chair?"

"Well, Cathy," McMasters says with a smile, "this is a much cruder attempt
to do the same job, although it does remind me of my first attempt to build
my brainchild.  I have to tell you, I spent many sleepless hours fine tuning
that machine."

"Not to mention the volunteers who rode it for you," Cathy adds.

McMasters grins, but says nothing.

In the other camp, Tyler is talking to DP and Alex, who has returned with a
starter motor from a car.  The men are trying to sort out the wiring.

"Howdy guys," Tyler says in greeting, "how goes it over here?"

"Not bad," says DP, "once we find the right parts we should be ready to go!"

"Do you think you'll be done in the ten hours?" asks Tyler.

"I expect so," replies Alex, "we'll be ready before the other team is!"

"I like that confidence!" Tyler says with a smile.

An overshot of both workbays appears on the screen, and we hear Cathy ask,
"Will the Orgasm Masters vibrate their way to the prize, or will the Crotch
Rockets thrust themselves into first place?  Stay tuned!"

Another commercial, and you leave to go pee.

When you get back the show has just come back on and Cathy has once again
summarized the task ahead of both teams.  You can see that by this time a
lot of junk has been collected in each bay.  Tyler comes on the screen,
standing on the platform the hosts use to watch both teams work.  He picks
up his bullhorn, "Teams, you have eight hours!  EIGHT hours remaining."

Most of the members from each team look up at the announcement, but no one
looks very worried; except perhaps both women who look like they would
rather be someplace else.

The scene changes to Edward sitting in what looks like a wrecked Geo.  The
hood is open and he has just managed to coax the engine to start.  He looks
like he's in a pretty good mood.

"Hey guys," he yells over his radio, "I found an engine, and it runs!"

"Great," replies Gordon back in the workbay, "can you get it here?"

"I'm going to have to rip it out of the car, it's totaled.  I could use a

"I'll be right down," replies Gordon.

McMasters, who has been laying out some metal poles for the frame, just nods
and watches him go.

On the other side of the wall separating the two workbays, Alex is yelling
over the radio at his team, "Batteries, people!  We need batteries for the

DP looks deep in thought.  "You know," he says, "a second motor for the
spanking part might not be needed.  It might be overkill."

"I agree," Alex replies, "in fact, I have another idea.  What about a paddle
on a spring?"

"Tell me more!" DP says with a smile.

We now see various pictures on the screen of many different types of sex
toys: some as simple as a normal vibrator, all the way up to complicated
dungeon furniture.  Cathy narrates over the images, "As we do every week,
this week we have a judge to give us his expert opinion on how the two teams
are doing.  So considering our challenge, we just had to bring in the man
responsible for some of the most inventive sex toys currently on the market.
Patrick Levit has been building toys and furniture for years, and has had a
hand in almost every sex toy design you can think of."

A heavyset man in black coveralls walks up on the platform, joining Cathy
who is already sitting there.  She smiles at him and shakes his hand.

"Hi, Pat.  Welcome to Junkheap Wars!"

"Thanks Cathy, it's good to be invited."

"Now you've been making this type of equipment for a long time, right?" she
asks him.

"A very long time.  Almost forty years." replies Pat.

Cathy smiles, "So what do you think of what our teams are trying to do

Pat smiles and looks from his position to where both teams are working.
"Well, both groups are going with great ideas, but it will be the execution
of those ideas that will decide the contest.  The Orgasm Masters with their
oversized vibrator, will find that placement of the girl will be vital to
its success.  If they can't make proper contact with her clitoris, then they
will be lost."

"What about the Crotch Rockets?" Cathy asks him.

"A penetrating toy has a much greater success of bringing a woman to orgasm,
as you probably know," Pat replies, making Cathy blush, "with it you
stimulate more erogenous areas and basically copy what nature intended for
you women to enjoy.  THEIR problem will be in making sure they don't go too
far and cause pain instead of pleasure.  What worries me right now is that I
see no provisions made for the lubrication of the rear-mounted dildo.  That
will cause a problem unless they get it sorted out."

"I see," says Cathy, just a little flustered and trying not to show it, "so
who do you put your money on right now?"

Pat thinks about it for a second or so before answering, "Right now I think
I'd go with the Orgasm Masters.  There is less wear and tear on the woman
riding their machine, which could be better in the long run."

"Fantastic!" Cathy says with a smile.

The scene switches to show Edward and Gordon out in the yard.  They have an
engine crane sitting over the engine they are after and are both feverishly
trying to get the engine out.  Kate approaches her teammates with two large
rubber cylinders that look like they were plugs for something.  She doesn't
look all that happy.

"Gordon, I found these," she says.

Gordon looks over at her and pauses to examine the rubber cylinders.  They
are obviously too large to use on her, but he is thinking.

"What do you reckon, Ed?  Can we trim these down on a lathe?"

Edward pokes his head out of the car, "It's worth a shot!"

Gordon gives them back to Kate, "Take them to McMasters."

Tyler comes on.  "Who is going to win the ten thousand dollar prize?  Stay

A commercial for Dungeon Inn and Suites comes on and you head to the kitchen
for a sandwich.
Once more Cathy is giving us a quick summery as you sit down with your food,
and you can see that they have jumped ahead a bit for some real progress has
taken place in both workbays.  On the Orgasm Masters' side you see what
looks like a six foot metal tube maybe a foot wide, sitting on four sturdy
legs.  Alex is busy welding a thin bar crosswise to the underside of the
tube; while Gearhead is sorting out some bicycle gears and chains on a
nearby workbench.  DP and Rose are sorting out some tangled rope.

On the other side, McMasters and Kate seem to be alone and we can see
McMasters welding poles together to make a stand that will hold Kate spread
eagled inside it.  Kate is nearby, sucking on a water bottle.

"Teams!" yells Tyler through his bullhorn, "you have six hours remaining!"

The Orgasm Masters smile and look confident but McMasters on the other side
frowns.  We see why as Gordon and Edward are still struggling with their
engine, and Cathy remarks about it as she stands next to them.

"Do you really think you'll get it out?" she asks.

Gordon gives her a dirty look, "Yeah, it's coming.  The frame is all bent up
so it won't come out straight, but we're almost there."

Tyler is with Alex who is still welding.  "So what are all these for?" he
asks, pointing at various pieces of metal welded to the main frame.

"Mounts," Alex says to him, "places to mount the motor and other stuff and
places to mount Rose."

"Rose hasn't looked too happy about her role in this challenge," Tyler

"She'll be fine, she's a trooper!" Alex answers with a grin.

The scene cuts to Cathy and Tyler alone on the platform.  "So how are the
Rockets doing?" Tyler asks her.

"I think they're in a bit of a frazzle," replies the female host, "they've
had a lot of problems getting their engine."

"Why do they need a car engine?" asks Tyler.

"Something about needing enough reliable power?  I'm not sure.  But they say
they will be ready.  What about the Orgasm Masters?"

"They look pretty good.  They have most of the stuff they need as far as I
can see, although I haven't seen any sign of the spanking part of their
machine yet."

Cathy grins, "I look forward to seeing that."

"Why, do you like a good spanking?" Tyler asks, leering a little at her.

Cathy blushes, "I'm just interested in how they manage it...mechanically!"

Tyler grins, but changes the subject.  "Rose doesn't look too happy," he
says with a smirk.

"Neither does Kate," adds Cathy.

"Well, would YOU want to ride either one of these machines?" Tyler asks her.
He isn't surprised that all Cathy does is blush.

Some more shots appear of the teams working.

The Rockets finally bring their engine into the workbay and McMasters has
them mount it onto an extension of the frame right in front of where Kate
has to stand.  He has been working on the gearing but finds he needs some
special help.

"We have to get the angles right," he says, "so we'll need to have Kate
standing in the machine so we can measure."

Gordon nods and calls Kate over.  She moves closer after a brief hesitation.

"Kate," says McMasters, "we need you to strip and stand in the frame."

"Why do I have to strip?" she asks nervously.

"We need you naked so that we can get all the parts to match up to you."

"But..." Kate begins to say, but Gordon stands up to yell at her.

"For God's sake girl, just strip and come over here!  We haven't time for
your blubbering now!"

Kate pales and reaches for the zipper on her coveralls.  She slowly pulls it
off revealing that under it she is only wearing panties and bra.

"Everything," orders McMasters.

The camera catches her misery as she undoes her bra and slips it off,
followed by her panties.  Kate's body is slim, almost boyish, and she stands
awkwardly being the only one naked.

She is ordered over to the frame and stands gingerly where just moments
before McMasters had been welding something.  He kicks her legs open and has
her raise her arms.

"That's pretty good, the holes line up," he says.

"What holes?" Kate asks looking where McMasters is suddenly working.  She
sees that he has rope in his hand and that he is about to tie her left arm
to the frame, threading the rope through holes he has prepared just for this

"Hey, No!" she yells.

"We have to Kate, so you don't move around during the contest," Gordon tells

Kate bites her lip and allows McMasters to tie her.  Her wrists and ankles
are bound into place, and the nude young woman can do nothing but stand
there as the men work around her.  She looks at the camera and blushes

On the other side of the wall, a similar event is taking place.  Rose has
started unzipping her coveralls after climbing off the machine.

"We need to see exactly how your pussy lays along the seat," Alex says to

"Yeah, yeah," Rose answers, resigned to getting naked.  She pulls off the
rest of her clothes to reveal a heavier body than Kate's, her breasts much
fuller.  She also has a tattoo over her left hip of a Dragon.

Cathy comes in at this point to watch Rose mount the machine again.  Rose
first sits straddling the one foot diameter cylinder and then she leans
forward, pressing her body to the machine and extending her arms.

"Just a little bit further forward, Hon," Alex says.

"This thing is cold," she replies, moving as ordered.

Gearhead watches from a workbench.  He appears to be making something from
the bicycle parts he cannibalized, and he grins at the sight of his naked

DP takes Rose's hands and quickly ties them to a bar right at the end of the
cylinder.  Then he grabs her nipples.

"Hey!" Rose complains.

"I just have to see if they stretch," he says to her, pulling them down to
where another bar waits.  He smiles as things look good.

"We should be ready to test the motor," Alex says as he finishes the last of
the wiring.

"Okay, let's get her legs up," DP replies.

The men grab Rose's ankles and tie them to a bar behind her.  Now she is
laying almost flat except for her bent legs, face down on the wide tube.  DP
walks around and takes a look at her opened up pussy, the camera follows.

"Not bad, we'll have to see what she feels!"

Cathy steps forward.  "Are you ready to try it out now?" she asks.

"Well, the vibrating part, yeah," Alex tells her.

"Just a couple more things to do first," DP adds.

Cathy smiles, and the show goes to commercial.

When it comes back, it begins with Tyler announcing that only four hours

Rose is still tied down to the machine, and now her nipples are attached
with clips to a bar below the tube she is laying on.  Her eyes are red and
she is trying not to move much, it is evident the clips hurt.

"Ready?" DP asks.  The other men nod and DP starts the motor.

An offset weight on the shaft makes the motor vibrate, and as it is mounted
inside the cylinder it sends those vibrations out everywhere.  Rose's eyes
immediately open wide as her nipples get shaken at high speed and she
groans.  After a few minutes they shut off the motor.

"How was it?" Alex asks his wife.

"God...not too bad.  But I could feel myself sliding backwards.  I don't
think I'm getting enough vibrations on my clit."

DP smiles, "I have an idea that will fix that!"

Over in the other workbay, Tyler is watching as the Crotch Rockets work
quickly to turn their Geo engine into something that will bring off their
bound teammate.  His eyes go once again to poor Kate who stands naked and
spread open, with no way of doing anything about it.  She grimaces and bites
her lip as McMasters works below her.  He has taken the rubber dildos Kate
carved and mounted them to steel rods.  Now he's working them into her so
they can measure once again for the cam that will drive them.

"We need to make sure she is well lubricated," he comments, "her ass is
going to get pretty raw if she isn't."

"We can keep squirting KY on her while the machine is running," Gordon

McMasters nods and above them Kate sighs.

Cathy is once more sitting with Pat the Judge.

"So, now that you have seen them working for a while, what do you think?"
she asks him.

"Well, Cathy," says Pat, "I'm still worried about the Crotch Rockets and
their double dildo machine.  It seems rather ambitious as there are so many
critical things they need to get right.  But if they do they will have a
winner.  The Orgasm Masters though, will certainly do a good job.  But their
winning is dependent on the Rockets making a mistake."

"So your money is on the Crotch Rockets then?" Cathy asks him.

Pat tilts his head back and forth a moment, "Yeah...for right now it is!"

"Good enough.  Stay tuned for more Junkheap Wars, right after this!"

You sit through yet another series of dull commercials, although the one
with the naked blonde with the big tits running down the beach holds your
interest for a moment.  Then the show comes back on and Cathy once again
brings you up to date with what has happened before moving on with the show.

We see Tyler standing in the Orgasm Masters' workbay, a nude Rose mounting
the machine once more.  She climbs on more gingerly now because a slight
change has been made to the tube in order to further engage her clitoris.

"So I hear you guys have made an improvement," Tyler says to them.

The men all grin while Rose looks a little apprehensive.

"Yeah," replies DP, "we needed to send more vibrations to Rose's clit, so we
welded on an extra clip that should help."

"An extra clip?" asks the host.

DP nods and points it out as the other two men tie Rose down and get her
prepped.  Before, Rose had only worn clips on her nipples, stretching them
down and away from her body so that the vibrating tube she lay on could send
vibrations straight through them.  But now a third clip, right under her
pussy was being used, and Rose let out a little yelp as her husband reached
in and clipped it to her clitoris.

"Let's try it," he says.

"Oh God," Rose exclaims, closing her eyes.

The motor starts and you can tell the vibrations are getting to her.  Her
toes curl and she starts to moan.

Everyone watches, eyes fixed, as Rose's passion slowly mounts and soon she
is having her first orgasm.  She bucks on the tube like on a lover, but
barely moves after her hips are caught short by the clip on her clitoris.
You can see her trying to pull free, but she is trapped.  Eventually
Gearhead turns the machine off and she slumps down.

"Not bad!" says Tyler.

"Pretty good," DP agrees, "but she didn't cum fast enough and I'm worried
she isn't going to go the distance.  We're going to need that spanking
device after all!"

"I agree," says Alex, "let's get cracking, shall we?"

The scene shifts to the other bay where the three male members of the Crotch
Rockets are kneeling at Kate's feet.  They are there because they are
fitting the cam and rods that will propel the dildos currently stretching
her lower orifices.  McMasters is slowly turning the cam and the men are
watching first the vaginal dildo, then the anal one, take turns in thrusting
in and out of her.  Neither dildo fully pulls out of her, so she isn't
entirely free of either one.

Kate has her eyes closed and is biting her lip, the dildos obviously having
an effect on her even moving at a snail's pace.  She opens her eyes to see
the camera staring at her, and she looks down, ashamed.  We see her pull at
her bonds but she is held firmly.

Cathy is watching from the sidelines and she is playing with the choker
around her neck, something she has never appeared without in this show over
the years.  She notices the camera turned on her and she moves toward the

"Do you think you'll be ready in time?" she asks them.

"I think so," says team captain, Gordon.

"It's just that I haven't seen you test the engine with this thing yet.
Are you sure it will work?"

"Oh, it'll work.  We've got it geared down pretty good.  We should be ready

"I'll be happy to see it working!" Cathy says with a smile.

"So will we!" McMasters says with a laugh.

Kate gives her a pained look.

Tyler is standing on the platform again.  "Just one hour remaining, ladies
and gentlemen.  One hour!"

Both teams increase the pace, aware that time is ticking away from them.

The Orgasm Masters are welding once more, Rose standing out of harm's way.
Curiously she is still nude, her coveralls missing.  She stands, awkward in
her nudity, but doesn't protest.

More metal is being welded to the side of the tube and we see bicycle gears
and chain being mounted on the new brackets.

"Can you explain what you're doing now?" Cathy asks them.

"Sure," says Alex, "we've extended a shaft from the motor, and using these
bicycle parts we are setting up a turntable that will pull back an arm to
which we will attach our paddle.  We've got it geared down so that the
paddle will swat her about once a minute, letting her feel it in full."

"That sounds ingenious.  Will it hit her hard?" asks the host.

"Not too hard, just enough to make it interesting.  Do you want to try it
and see?"

Cathy smiles, "Er, no.  I don't really need to."

"Oh come on.  Just climb on, you don't have to get naked!" grins Alex.

Cathy begs off and the men laugh.

Tyler comes on, at his place on the platform, "Time is going fast, will they
succeed?  Don't go away, we'll be right back!"

You sit impatiently through the next set of commercials and soon the show is
back on.  You see a shot of the Crotch Rocket's workbay and the little Geo
engine is running.

Edward is sitting at some jerry-rigged engine controls and he is letting up
slowly from the clutch.  Immediately the dildos inside Kate begin to move
and she gasps as the invaders pump her.  They move pretty smartly and from
Kate's expression you can tell she can really feel them.

Behind her, McMasters has a tube of KY in his hand, and he dabs some on both
dildos.  He then walks around to where he can see her face, nodding to

Kate is gasping now and her fingers and toes curl as she goes through her
first forced orgasm.  She wails as she is carried though it; and in response
McMasters waves at Edward.

"Slow it down a bit!" he yells over the engine. "Vary the speeds, that works

Edward does what he is told and a second orgasm is brought forth after an
adjustment in tempo.

Gordon, watching all this from the other side of the engine, grins and
motions for Edward to shut the engine off, "That's good, that's good!  Do we
have time to do something to her nipples as well?"

McMasters looks at his watch.  "I have an idea."

The scene switches to the other bay were Rose is tied down to her team's
machine.  The motor is running and she is feeling its full effects.  We see
next to her a wooden arm with a wide paddle mounted to a turntable.  It is
being forced back against a spring and when it reaches a certain point it
suddenly releases and the paddle smacks squarely across poor Rose's
buttocks.  She yelps as the impact drives her forward, forcing her to pull
at the clip attached to her clit.  The combination of sharp pain and eternal
buzzing sends her into orgasm, and she can't control herself.

The men standing around watching this start to laugh and high five each

"Beers all around!"  Alex says.

"I'll second that!" DP says with a grin.

"Er, shouldn't we let her down?" Gearhead asks, pointing at Rose who is
still being handled by the machine.

"Not yet, she doesn't like beer," Alex answers and the men laugh.

"Gentlemen!" calls Tyler from his post on the platform, "You have thirty
minutes to complete your machines!"

DP looks at Alex, "Well maybe we should shut it off.  That will give us time
to paint it!"

There are more shots of the two teams working to put the finishing touches
on their machines, and when Tyler calls time, each team looks like they are
ready, although both women already looked shagged out.

"Teams," says Tyler, "it is time to put down your tools and get some rest.
For tomorrow you battle for ten thousand dollars!"

Everyone cheers, and the show goes to commercial.

After the commercials are over we see a change in venue.  The two sex
machines are set up outside in a park of some sort, surrounded by trees.
The machines are about ten meters apart and are surrounded by their team
members.  The women, Kate and Rose, are wearing robes in their team colors
rather than coveralls and they are standing together while the men finish
fiddling with the machines.

Cathy narrates over all of this, "Welcome back to Junkheap Wars.  As is our
custom, we have allowed the teams an additional hour to tinker with and fine
tune their machines.  And it is fast approaching time for the female members
of each team to disrobe and get strapped in.  Who will win the ten thousand
dollar cash prize up for grabs this week?"

The scene shifts to Cathy and Pat the expert taking a close look at both
machines.  Pat looks very interested.

"What do you think now?" Cathy asks him.

"It's all very well done," he replies, "it looks like the Crotch Rockets
have overcome the mechanical disadvantages of their design, and as long as
it holds together they should have no problems."

"And the Orgasm Masters?" asks Cathy.

"Their machine is also very solid, and will certainly give the Rockets a run
for their money.  I'm willing to say that this contest may well be decided
by the skills of the operators and the stamina of the young ladies

"Well this should prove to be an exciting contest, that's for sure," agrees

A scene shift and we see Tyler standing with the women, who are clutching
their robes tightly around themselves.  With them stands a man in a doctor's
white coat.

"Well, it's about time for the women to join their teams,"  Tyler says, "but
first we have to explain how the contest will be judged.  What we are
looking for is the greatest number of orgasms within a single hour, and the
way we will measure this is through a device developed at McMasters' own
lab.  Ladies, could you show the camera please?"

Rose and Kate look at Tyler uncertainly, before opening their robes.  We see
that under the robes they are nude.  But we also see that attached to their
groins, just above their pubic hair, are a set of white medical sensors with
wires trailing from them.

Tyler has brought forward the man in the white coat.  "Can you explain these
devices for us?"

"Certainly," he answers, "with these sensors we will be able to tell
precisely when each woman orgasms, for how long, and the number of
contractions in each.  Last night, each of these young
ladies so we know precisely the orgasmic threshold of each of them.  We will
not miss a single orgasm and neither one of them will be able to fake one."

Tyler is grinning.  "Thanks a lot."

The scene shifts to an overview and both women are being strapped in.
Technicians in white coats are busy setting up and making ready their
recording devices while the team members finish tying up the women and
readying the machines.

Cathy, Tyler and Pat are all sitting on the Junkheap Wars portable throne
and Tyler looks at his watch.  He picks up the bullhorn and stands up.

"Okay you guys, the time has come, if you will pardon the pun," he grins,
"you've worked hard to get to this point, but now it is time to see who can
make these lovely ladies orgasm the most.  You have ONE hour to wring as
much out of these women as you can, and the winner goes home with ten
thousand dollars!  Are you ready?"

Both teams yell that they are, although both Rose and Kate look like they
wished they were someplace else.

Tyler picks up an air horn.  "Ready!  Set!"  He triggers the air horn and
the machines start up.

The Orgasm Masters' battery-operated vibrating tube comes to immediate life,
and we see Rose clench as the shock is sent directly to her nips and clit
via the tiny clamps that hold them.  Behind her, the ominous presence of the
spanking arm makes itself known as it slowly retracts for its first strike.

Just a little distance away, the Crotch Rockets are having problems; they
can't get the engine started.  Gordon and Edward begin frantically messing
with it while McMasters looks on.  Standing spread and naked in her frame,
Kate looks down at them, her face flushed from the dildo buried deep in her
ass.  She is also in slight pain from the clamps on her nipples.  These
clamps were a last minute addition to the machine and they are attached via
cable and pulleys to the dildos.  As the dildos go up and down, her nipples
will be pulled on and released.  She grimaces and shivers a little bit.

The view changes as we see Rose shifting and moaning.  She is trying to pull
away but her bondage and the clips on her most sensitive parts prevent her
from doing so.  Suddenly we see the spanking arm give her its first strike,
and she yelps as she is forced forward.  She looks like she is coming and a
green light, her team's color, begins to blink above her.

"While the Crotch Rockets seem to have problems starting," Cathy says in
voice-over, "the Orgasm Masters have pulled into the lead with the first
official orgasm of the contest!"

"It appears, Cathy," says Tyler from near the Rockets camp, "that they
flooded the engine trying to start it!"

There is another hard swat heard over on the other side and we see that Rose
has once again been hit.  She comes a second time and the men of Team Crotch
Rocket look nervous.

Then the engine catches and they scramble into position.  Gordon goes behind
Kate, it is his job to keep the dildos lubricated, while Edward handles the
engine speed and the speed of the dildos.  McMasters stands close, calling
out when to speed up and slow down, using the expertise he had picked up
when testing his own first version of the machine that made him rich.  The
dildos begin their pumping motion and Kate groans.

As the Crotch Rockets try to find the right pace to make Kate cum, two more
swipes of the paddle and the continuous vibration of the tube have brought
Rose yet another orgasm.  Her eyes are tightly shut and a close-up of her
face show tears running down her cheeks.  A switch in viewpoint shows her
ass marked by the paddle, a tinge of red on her white skin.  You can also
see from this angle, her hips trying to rise and the clamp on her clit
holding her down.  As the camera watches, the paddle strikes again, and Rose

We switch to Kate and we see her looking up, as if pleading.  The camera
pans down past her breasts and her constantly tugged on nipples, down to her
groin where we see the two dildos pumping her, moving at a pretty good clip.
The vaginal dildo is so large that we can see its shape under her skin as it
plunges in and out.  Kate is gasping for breath, panting really, and she
wails to the accompaniment of a red light above her head, showing that she
is having an orgasm.

Tyler's face comes on, spoiling the view of almost everyone watching the
show at this point.

"Well it looks like the Crotch Rockets are in the race, but can they catch
up?  Stay tuned!"

Another commercial comes on and you throw what is left of your sandwich at
the TV.  You curse advertisers in general until the show comes back on.

"Welcome back to Junkheap Wars," says Cathy, standing between the two
running machines and their semi-willing occupants.  "We are twenty minutes
into the contest and the lead is held by the Orgasm Masters at four to
three....oh it is neck and neck as Kate has just had another

We see a close-up of Kate, covered in sweat, almost hanging in the machine.
Her face is scrunched up as she focuses on the dildos inside her, wondering
when the next forced orgasm will come.

McMasters has ordered the dildos slowed and they enter and leave her at a
much smoother pace, taking long strokes and stimulating Kate fully.

Rose, on the other hand, has been moaning constantly.  Her ass is beet red
by now as the paddle has been hitting her about once a minute since the
contest began.  The trouble is, the pain is too much for her and she is
receiving less and less pleasure each strike.  The paddle impacts again and
she is pushed into another orgasm, but they are coming farther apart.  Her
teammates look at each other nervously.  Unlike the other machine, this one
has only one speed.  They are helpless to make any adjustments that would
help Rose.

A blinking light signals that Kate has once again equalized the score and we
see her whispering, although she can't be heard over the engine.  A camera
zooms in and we can see that she seems to be praying for release.

The camera switches views and we see the dildo in her rear.  Gordon is
brushing KY jelly on it with practically every stroke and it glides smoothly
into her extended rear passage with apparently little effort.

Gordon is grinning and he looks over at his team who grin right back at him.
McMasters signals for the engine to speed up and the dildos pump faster.
Several minutes later Kate cums again and the Crotch Rockets are in the

"Thirty minutes left, teams!" yells Tyler over his horn and both women moan.
To them the hour has come and gone and they want off, but they can't escape
their bindings.

Team Orgasm Masters is definitely worried now.  Behind for the first time,
they confer to see if there is anything they can do.  While they talk, Kate
has yet another orgasm and their spirits drop.

Then suddenly things are a lot quieter as the Geo engine cuts out.  The
dildos stop pumping Kate and she groans with relief or frustration.  It
isn't known which.  Her team clusters around the engine and attempts to see
what is wrong.

Encouraged, the other team looks on, and Rose cums once more!

"Stop the...stop the...," Rose tries to say.

"What, Rose?" Alex asks her.

"Stop the...the hurts...too much," she pants, "I...can
cum...better...without it!"

The men huddle for a moment, then watch as the paddle strikes her once more.
It is obvious to them now that Rose gets nothing from it anymore; so
Gearhead quickly disconnects the arm from the pulleys.

The motor inside the tube actually speeds up a bit now that part of its load
is gone, and the extra vibrations stimulate Rose even further.  She clenches
as another orgasm flows through her.

"Come on Rose!" yells Alex, and the rest of the team begins to yell
encouragement to her.  She actually has another orgasm before the Rockets
get going again, and once more Team Orgasm is ahead.

"Ten minutes!" yells Tyler.

McMasters orders the dildos brought up to full speed and Kate is almost
lifted off her feet from the thrusts.  She stands on her toes, moaning and
groaning as the monsters invade her loins.  All she can think about, all she
can feel is what is happening between her legs and she cums once more, tying
the score.

With five minutes left, Rose cums again, babbling in her sexual haze.

With three minutes left, Kate also cums and the score is even once more.

It is apparent that whoever orgasms next will win.

Each team is yelling encouragement to their ladies, and everyone watching is
spellbound at the sight before them.  Sitting on the throne, Cathy closely
watches the actions of the machines, her face flushed, one hand rubbing her

Coming around from behind the throne is Tyler, checking to see if his fly is
zipped.  His face is also flushed, and so is one of his hands.

Sitting in your chair at home you lean forward, anxious to see who will cum
next, your hand inside your own pants.  You have never seen such sexual
agony on TV before; both Kate and Rose having earned your respect as their
passions mount.

One of the poor women looks like she is about to cum, and you begin to shout
at your TV, urging her on.

Then suddenly, the show vanishes.  It is replaced by a weather warning from
your local cable network, telling you about a thunderstorm fifty miles away.

You SCREAM at the jerks who decided to put on a weather report right at that
moment, and threaten to call the police on them.  Half crying with
frustration you wait for the announcement to be over, but it is too late.
By the time the show comes back on, the end credits are rolling.

You sit back, stunned.  You can't believe you missed the ending.  But then
you smile.  There's always the reruns!


Rating 1.80 out of 5

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