Several forced orgasms in a row after a session of caning

Great video from HogTied. Watching it, you can actually hear a real lecture about how pain and subsequent release of endorphins help to build orgasmic tension… but we are diverting. What we have here is a gorgeous ex-fashion model tied upside down to a chair, totally objectified, because all you can see when you walk right next to her are her bare pussy and ass. The tormentor uses the pain-then-pleasure technique mentioned above to get the maximum number of orgasms out of this slave, and he’s really great at this. He even has time to crack a joke, like ordering the girl to scream “I love black cock” each time she’s about to cum. And when he fucks her with his fingers, the slurping sound of her totally wet cunt fills the entire basement.

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Rating 3.45 out of 5

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