True Orgasmegeddon with two hypersensitive dungeon slaves!

Now, the amount of screaming, pussy squirting and full body agony shaking in this video is simply amazing and off any limits. I won’t even go into detail here – just watch the movie. I’ll just say that it’s NOT one of the videos with a slow pace and a long waiting for the big O :) Another incredible flick from Hogtied.

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6 Responses to “True Orgasmegeddon with two hypersensitive dungeon slaves!”

  1. ray says:

    this is the altimate video i have been searching for this for a long time but none of the videos have perfect bonding and submission or even being tied up at all and forced to ejaculate i cant believe someone actually made a video like this but i dont know where the actual video can be found can you send me a link thank you

  2. admin says:
  3. ray says:

    i dnt really see it i assume i’ll need to join hogtied first right?

  4. admin says:

    Sorry, couldn’t find a direct link to the video so I guess yes, you’ll have to join Hogtied first

  5. ray says:

    ye me again i still cant find it is there some kinda paypal option or even better like a way to meet girls that are local to me somewhere on this site. kinda only 19 and not really good with girls and getting girlfriends

  6. admin says:

    Paypal doesn’t connect with adults only sites. For dating visit (fetish) or (general).

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